donderdag 4 november 2010

closer to the soul intro

Closer to the soulintro

Closer to the soul intro

Hello, allow me to present myself. My name is ‘combination’. Of course I also have a name which my family passed me on. In Dutch it means ‘he that watches from a mountain’. If I was to give a definition of my name, I would give you a philosophical meditation I once wrote :
everybody has a name
everybody has a name My name is combination. I combine. The innocent aspirations of youth, with the illusions and the wrong mirrors of reality, of growing up, with the hope for new illusions to believe in, with the fate that we evolve to the real lessons, to the real feeling, to the best act in real art's NOW------ I combine. The pains and joys of the past, with understanding the present ones with the aspirations of tomorrow with all the energy deep inside me----- I combine. The political theories with the working conditions, with the real emotional world of daily people, with wanting to change things----- I combine. The news on war, poverty, famine, with all kind of wealth diseases , with all kinds of unhappiness that reigns, with breaking the solitude of the individual------ I combine. The living and the dead, with the longing for fulfillment with wanting to recognize , who in fact I am, with observing all kinds of forgotten energies------ I combine. Friendship and Love and Lust with satisfaction and negative emotions, with solutions and new problems, with rest and unease---- I combine, I combine, I combine. I cannot do otherwise, al dough I try, I always have to combine. Because combination shall be my name until it's no longer necessary... And I become part of another world ? combination Is there an energy with a comparable consciousness as ours, which did not need to follow the same evolutionary road ?

Not just by coincidence, Life that has existed for ever, used it’ s current big bang cycle to try to make us aware of It’ s meaning. When you study science you will discover the wonder that preceded us. Then you might have the following feeling that will occur in your mind :
"Peace will come in the hart of the ones with the honest souls. Preserve the earth from destruction and lead the people towards better lives. The world is one, never ever forget. There is only one life and one world, take your responsibility and live as conscious as possible.
Be light to be a guide. Go to the streets, speak of joys to be. Your place is everywhere you will feel free. Observe, restrain your forces.
Show them what the material world and the spiritual matter is all about. The truth is very simple. It's hidden in the past, lives in the present and needs the future. Why is there so little joy to be found amongst many ? People do not wonder enough about who they really are and what the life they lead really means. They should be more philosophers, they should ask themselves why they live in a society of wealth and poverty, peace and war, stress at work and unemployment. But there are other reasons for the lack of joy also...
reasons one cannot write about yet...and reasons one cannot write about."
Looking back at those words at the end of july 2006, I can indeed say that peace can only come in my heart the day more people start thinking and acting to make this world a good place to live for everyone. Why should we let the direction of this world in the hands of a tiny minority exploiting it for the sake of the same minority ? Why should we be forced to sit down and watch this world go to pieces more and more, day by day ? The ones we are used to see on our screens, shaking their 'important' hands, having a drink behind their long reunion tables, planning wars and presenting themselves as the heroes of the human race, in fact are the same ones that feed barbarity.
They prevent people from having a meaningful job and hold them into a kind a slavery. They control States and companies and therefore have a great power over our lives. They in fact dictate what news is to be brought and they keep on writing their own blood version of history
And what about we ? We accept the hundred ways in which they control our lives. When will it get through to a majority of us...the condition this world is in, is the result of our unconsciousness and our unwillingness to do something about it...we gave and give them a free hand. Will we further allow them to lie to us about what real freedom and human values are all about ? We won't...and 'we' begins with us.
Which are the reasons why we often have a lack of joy and personal and social commitment ? If we want to know where our negative emotions come from and who in fact we are...we should not go to our different kind of existing churches for an explanation.
If you like to go to churches and read some ancient texts, then do it in a way that you keep in mind that the people who wrote those texts were a product of their time as much as we are now. Philosophical answers and faith can as well be found in the things that science reaches us then in several holy texts. It is to be said that some of them have become outdated, especially those who consider humor a dangerous thing and who teach that one kind of believers is 'better' then another one. But let us consider ourselves as humans instead of uncritical followers of some kind of believe. By connecting philosophy with science I'll try to prove that believing in what science teaches us does not necessarily go against religious aspirations as eternal life.
What we really are and where we came from.
In fact in our search for the meaning of life, we can start by realizing that something can only exist if it has a meaning, a sense.
Why is that ? Because something without a form cannot exist...every kind of matter that tends to take a space which tends to approach or equalize to 'zero' explodes. It's just like 'the' or one of the 'big-bangs' of the history of universe. Too much pressure on a certain point, makes everything explode, in both the micro and macro world...who in fact are one : stars, atoms, cells, ...even our relations...too much pressure makes new developments possible...if these are improving the position of the old situation...we call something 'meaningful'.
The laws of nature developed very ideal conditions for life as we know it, to get started. After the big-bang there wasn't really anything one could 'touch'. Matter existed as different kind of radiation. In Dutch the word for 'radiation' is 'straling'...when someone is happy we say he looks 'stralend'. It were the laws and try-outs of radiation that produced the first atom and later on the planets and the climate conditions that created the first cell and so on. It really is an amazing story which one can look up for oneself. So next time you walk through a forest be also aware of the speed with which the earth under your feet still travels in the direction it was pushed some 15 billion years ago.
All that beautiful past, all the wisdom the first cells attained when they learned how to divide to stay alive...all of that stuff is still living the very moment you read these words. When we die a part of us becomes minerals and so on, but the radiation leaves our bodies...the study of the way our mind observes and some personal experiences I prefer not calling 'mystical', as well as some scientific studies lead me to strongly believe that our lives not only have a social meaning...but on a personal level we interact to create the conditions that bring us closer to our soul. Our soul, not only the pieces of genetic heritage going back to the first cells...but the essence that is really ours...maybe it's our continuous enriched radiation from so long ago.
In fact, isn't everything that exists not only one soul ? We see 'God' as the ideal abstract person which controls everything, but in fact the purpose of our evolution is to make this world work so that we materially can live in peace to spend more and more time in comparing the ways in which we give meaning to our lives. To someone who believes in reincarnation we would say that the same person can appear under approximate the same conditions after a billion big-bangs for example...or maybe we could answer that we were already there as a piece of all the ones we descended from. We are a great mix, but the navigator inside us should always follow the line of his hart, not the line of how much money he can make or how he can take a revenge on someone. We should all try to overcome all our philosophical, religious and personal differences and negative emotions based on what ever happened in the past and forget our bloody history and start again by focusing on the present and wishing good things for the future to come.

Matter and spirit have always been one. Matter was energy and energy always means the possibility of creation and evolution.
Even if one tries to destroy energy you always get a change of form, no vanishing into nothing.
'The meaning of life' is something that has always been there. The journey from nature to human culture was a very long one.
Matter contains energy that has prepared the coming into being of spiritual energy...or maybe matter originally always was the total collected energy between two big bangs. The first meaning of life is therefore the coming into existence, the maintenance and growth of spiritual matter. All chemical and physical powers like temperatures, distances, speeds, pressure , time as well;
all movements from atoms and cells ...everything serves the growth of spiritual energy.
It has always been like this, because electrons cannot be destroyed. Our mind is not only composed by the electrons of all our brain cells, but of the atoms of all our other cells. In fact we can say that all our cells have a specific consciousness.
The question 'who are we', can best be answered by 'where do we come from'. That question no longer is a monopoly of religion. 'Religion' comes from the French word 'relier', combining. Combining science and philosophy and politics and psychology, helps us to understand the real meaning of our lives. 'Faith' can be based upon a beautiful smile or brilliantly used words or notes as well...the answer to the question 'the meaning of life', never only is intellectual.

In fact the ones who wonder to much about whether there is or isn't a God, are occupied with the following question : 'Is there an energy that has less or as much or more consciousness as we...and did that energy not have to travel all the way from radiation to atom to cell and human being to achieve this consciousness ' ? What kind of energy is present in and before a big-bang : t the enriched energy of the previous cycle of big-bang and collapse in one point again ...or is it every time the same kind of energy starting all the way from the same energy level ?
So in fact what some call 'god' could be the expression of the longing for more energy, more enriched the present, future and past, the past, being the previous energy level situation. In fact when we die we maybe still have our radiation as a form of being aware.
It thus seems that the creation of endless energy always restarts with not wanting to be nothing or nobody...both non existing things. 'Radiation' thus is the combination of all kinds of energy that existed in a cycle between two big-bangs and which wants to start again and start something new.
Is it Einstein and others and their books and heritage or the radiation they are amongst us that makes me conclude all this after years ? Who knows and how to make it literature maybe...if not in daily life, there are a lot of strange things happening ?
Rather than being divided into traditional believers and their divisions on the one hand and those who believe in another way and it' s divisions... aren't there enough other questions we should resolve ?
Why isn't there a system for managing society that makes ignorance, war, poverty and famine impossible ?
How come the relationship between 'lovers' or other relationships can be so complicated ?
So, in one question : 'why does man have so much difficulties with those strange 'things' like god, dead, history, money or values like friendship, family, pleasure, lust, ... ' ?
I think for one part it is because we haven't learned to observe objectively enough...aren't our observations continuously being deformed by our own or the negative emotions and ignorance of others ?
On the other hand it seems like maybe even before the ejaculation and the landing of the egg, there's a game between coalitions of genes going as if our past seeks to continue it' s story in the future already...
not wanting to become 'meaningless' but learning the lessons the previous generations we ones were still had and have to learn. So in fact life has always been and is an endless school, teaching in many ways.

In this part of my writing I will not talk a lot of Life in it’ s social and political appearance. Those economic conditions do influence our relations and awareness a lot and history tries to invent a more neutral system to manage society on a world scale starting from the place you work or live. Later on I will give you a link where an alternative for the current systems is presented.
It is important to keep in mind that in order to abolish poverty and war and so many forms of needless exploitation it is necessary to become aware of one’ s personal evolution. When to many people keep on being prisoners of their own negative emotions or those of others, this will put too much weight on the historical process of renewal. That is the way the total hierarchy of all kinds of evolutions work.
To show you why Life’ s good energy comes along more often on times when you understand more about your personal or total environment of relations, I will tell you the stories of a number of people whose lines crossed directly and indirectly those of the preacher whose autobiography I am trying to write. We have agreed that he can intervene in these texts, whenever he feels like it.